Why should our clients choose our services?

Mounting daily operating costs, fluctuating Labour Law enforcement management and Relation maintenance costs and complicated recruitment procedures will accumulate strong burden to every enterprise and impede normal daily business operation efficiency.

Companies using our outsourcing services can enjoy the flexibility in HR management in terms of cost control and time spent. Our services will provide the service sequence from putting up advertisement, screening resumes, interviewing potential applicants to arranging interviews with clients and the later on following up actions for the labour relations. We stick on to tight effective communication with our clients in order to meet our clients’ requests promptly. On employees’ side, they are eligible for the employees benefits according to the regional fringe benefits according to the Employees Ordinance. On employers’ side, they can enhance the effectiveness of their business operation without investing excessive resources in running their own HR Department.

We are experienced and familiar with manpower management in a wide range of industries such as IT, Trading & Manufacturers, Legal Firms, Banking and Finance, Commerce, Education, Recreation and Art etc. We believe our extensive client bases will be the most promising evidence to manifest our ability in providing the most professional and dedicated services to you.