Reference Check

Top Personnel Consultant also provides a full background screening service for employers. We co-operate with human resources and institutions in providing you an efficient and effective pre or post-employment screening services to allow an accurate assessment on applicant’s provided data. The data user can evaluate applicant’s background based on the provided report and helps in hiring decision. All screening must have applicant’s consent and will be carried out in a strictly confidential and professional manner.

Our clients include multinational corporations, listed companies, governments, NGO, engineering, investment, technology companies etc. The processing time will normally be around 4 weeks upon receiving of submitted data regarding the employment & education verification. We will start an ongoing search with no more than 6 weeks for some specific cases before closing the file.

A basic pre-employment background check includes the employment and education verification. We will work out a program that suits specific needs. Our experience indicates that quite a lot of applicants exaggerate their job title, qualifications, salary or experience on their CVs. Our professional staff can help you to verify the employment records with human resources departments of their corresponding employers. Our reference check procedure ensures all information provided is relevant and accurate as provided. A detailed and completed report will be emailed or sent to our clients according to their request after all done.

Please feel free to contact us for further information regarding any of our services and looking forward to serve your company in near future.