Steps on building up resume

Besides ensuring the following information be included in your resume, all the inputted details should be organized in a systematic way. Using a unified format or a table to help you categorize the items will be much more effective.

Personal Particulars:

  • Name in Chinese and English
  • Resident / Place of Living
  • Typing Skills and speed
  • Language Skills
  • Current salary and Expected salary


  • Year and Place of Graduation of Secondary School and post-secondary levels
  • All the exam results of national public exam (eg. HKCEE, HKAL, GCSE, GCE, etc.) and the years to obtain the results
  • Major and minor disciplines of all the post-secondary levels


  • PC Skills
  • Other qualifications passed and acquired that will be useful in your job application

Working experience:

  • Name of Company, Company’s Nature, Company Size
  • Job Duties that will be related to the job you applied
  • Title of your supervisor and number and title of your subordinates
  • Reason of leaving